All Pro Legal Investigations, P.A.
Domestic Private Intelligence, specialized surveillance and legal investigation services.


All Protection & Security
Armed guards, Event Security and Unarmed security personnel.

Disaster Security by APS
National, Fast-deploy, first responder service offering private armed security for corporate, industrial, medical, and residential facilities during and immediately after a natural disaster or other emergency.

Bodyguard Services

Providing bodyguards and Executive Protection agents for the Orlando, FL area as well as throughout Florida, the US and Internationally.



APS Haiti Security
Providing Executive Protection and American Bodyguards for international travel to Haiti

Legal Support Services by APL

Providing Orlando Process Serve, Skip Tracing, Mobile Notary and other support for legal cases.

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All Pro Legal is a private intelligence firm founded in 2004 by Donna Smith, a respected Investigator with over 20 years of experience in the intelligence industry. The company was founded to provide clean, concise private intelligence operations and investigations to civilian clients, capitalizing on Donna's many years of experience; both as a Private Investigator in the private sector, and as a Special Investigator for the Department of Commerce.

Initially, the company served clients throughout Florida, but quickly expanded to include national and international operations.  All Pro Legal has grown to include sister company All Protection & Security, and between them has divisions dedicated to Bodyguards, Private Extradition, Event Security, Disaster Security, Investigations, Global Marketing, and Legal Support Services.

In 2010, APL received national media attention when the company was the first to respond to disaster-stricken Haiti, providing private security services following the Haiti earthquakes as part of the company's rapid response disaster security team. Since then, the company has continued to provide security forces throughout the US and abroad.

The company continued gaining national exposure, when APL Founder & CEO Donna Smith appeared on the national media circuit as an expert security consultant following the infamous Kacey Anthony trial.  She appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, as well as on local Orlando, FL news programs, providing security consultation and commentary regarding the unique security challenges of celebrities.

Donna Smith continues to oversee all operations from the company's Orlando, FL headquarters, where she personally vets each and every investigator, bodyguard and security guard employed by the agency.


ABA- American Bar Association


OSAC - U.S. Diplomatic Security Service - Overseas Security Advisory Council


NCISS - National Council of Investigative and Security Specialists


ASIS - American Society of Industrial Security


AFIO- Association of Former Intelligence Officers


UN- United Nation Registered Vendor


FLIP- Female Legal Investigative Professionals

Think a female can't handle your complex security or investigation problem? THINK AGAIN! Even the CIA agrees female run ops are where it's at! Support your local woman owned & operated intelligence agency, and trust only the best.

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